This blog was created because of a need to come to terms with a life so defined in contrast. Wraiths and Roses started as a book blog. I don’t know exactly how the name came to me—one day it was just there, as it if was always there and had always existed within my psyche. I felt that it so wonderfully represented my aesthetic, though really it was so much more than that; it was me, entirely. I had inadvertently named my need for both stability and chaos, the constant yearning for faraway places while simultaneously seeking that feeling of ‘home.’ Nightmares. Fairytales. Pretty wallpaper with rotting wood underneath. So often this feeling of inconsistency made me feel like there was something wrong with me, and that I would never find my place in the world.  I didn’t fit into just one box, but many. Did I have an identity? Did I need one? The short answer is, no.

Today, Wraiths and Roses is a celebration of the misfits. It is about collecting the finer things along the way, but never overlooking what is valuable in our lives: us. The human experience. It’s where I share my own journey as a practitioner of witchcraft, as an avid reader, a nomad, a Mother, a wildling, and everything else in between. We don’t have to choose. This blog is about finding your happiness, your truth, and accepting every part of life that presents itself to you—because realistically, the concept of fitting into a box at all is one that I’ve never accepted anyway. I hope you find something valuable here; whether my travels inspire your own, my insight gives you new perspective, or you simply just enjoy my folklore musings; let this blog be a haven in a world that wants to tame you.

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